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    Buy reducing girdles online at Corsetería Singuerlin: shape your figure with style

    At Corsetería singuerlin we offer a wide variety of reducing girdles for each type of woman. Find reducing girdles, postpartum and more at Singuerlin Corsetería. Discover bras , lingerie , bodysuits and maternity clothes . Free shipping from €70. Take advantage of our promotions and news in girdles and underwear !

    Reducing girdles for a perfect figure

    Model your figure with reducing girdles

    The girdles are recognized worldwide for their quality and effectiveness. Designed with high compression materials, these shapewear give you the opportunity to show off a slim and defined figure on any occasion. Its ergonomic design adapts perfectly to your body, enhancing your natural curves and providing a flat stomach effect. Don't miss the opportunity to look spectacular with Singuerlin corsetry reducing girdles!

    Comfort and style with postpartum girdles

    After pregnancy, it is normal that you want to regain your figure as soon as possible. Singuerlin corsetry postpartum girdles provide you with adequate support to help your abdominal muscles firm up and your skin regain its elasticity. These girdles are designed with your comfort in mind, giving you the necessary support and compression without compromising your well-being. In addition, its modern and elegant style will allow you to feel confident and attractive in this special stage of your life.

    Lumbar belts to take care of your back

    Taking care of our back is essential to maintain good posture and prevent ailments and injuries. At Corsetería Singuerlin we offer a wide selection of lumbar girdles designed specifically to provide support and protection to this important area of ​​our body.

    Our lumbar support belts are made with high quality materials, which provide adequate compression without compromising comfort. These girdles fit perfectly to your body, providing additional support to the lumbar muscles and helping to relieve tension and stress in this area.

    • Provide stability and alignment: Lumbar belts are designed to keep the spine in a correct position, which contributes to proper posture and prevents excess curvature in the lower back.
    • Relieve pain and tension: Thanks to their gentle but effective compression, lumbar belts help relieve pain and muscle tension in the lower back area, providing quick and long-lasting relief.
    • They promote recovery: If you have suffered an injury or are in the process of recovery, wearing a lumbar support can speed up the healing process by providing additional support to the affected muscles and tissues.
    • They are ideal for physical activities: Whether you practice sports regularly or simply need extra support during your daily activities, our lumbar belts adapt perfectly to your movements, providing stability and protection.

    At Corsetería Singuerlin we understand the importance of taking care of our back and we offer the best options in lumbar girdles to guarantee your well-being . Don't let lower back pain limit you, discover the comfort and support that our lumbar belts can provide you.

    Lingerie and bodysuits to enhance your femininity

    At Corsetería Singuerlin we know that lingerie is a fundamental part of femininity. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of options to enhance your figure and highlight your inner beauty.

    Are you looking for an elegant and sensual outfit? Our collection of bodysuits offers you sophisticated designs that adapt perfectly to your body, giving you comfort and style at the same time. From plunging necklines to bare backs, you'll find the ideal bodysuit for every occasion.

    If you prefer a more versatile option, our lingerie items are the perfect choice. We have bras and panties of different styles and cuts to adapt to your tastes and needs. From delicate lace to silky fabrics, every detail is carefully selected to enhance your femininity.

    • Discover our bras , designed to enhance and beautify your neckline, giving you a sensual and attractive look.
    • Would you like to shape your silhouette? Our shaping panties provide you with a gentle reducing effect, helping you obtain a more stylized and defined figure.
    • For those special moments, don't miss our selection of sexy lingerie. With provocative and seductive designs, you will feel confident and powerful on every occasion.

    At Corsetería Singuerlin, we take care of every detail to offer you lingerie and bodysuits that enhance your femininity and make you feel special. Explore our collection and find the perfect option for you.

    News in girdles and underwear

    Discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of girdles and underwear to look radiant on any occasion. Below, we present the different options available:

    Invisible shapewear: invisible effect, surprising result

    Invisible girdles are the perfect option for those women who want to shape their figure discreetly. With their lightweight design and no visible seams, these shapewear adapt to your body and allow you to show off a stylized silhouette without anyone noticing that you are wearing them. Available in different compression levels, you will achieve the invisible effect you are looking for with a surprising result.

    Sashes for dresses: look perfect on every occasion

    If you have a special event and want to show off the perfect dress, dress sashes are your best ally. These sashes are designed to fit different types of dresses, from bodycon dresses to evening dresses. With their controlled compression, they will help you enhance your curves and show off a more stylized and elegant figure on any occasion.

    Bras: enhancement and comfort

    To enhance your bust and achieve an impressive cleavage, bras are the ideal choice. Thanks to their design with preformed cups, these bras lift and enhance your breasts. In addition, their comfortable and adjustable design allows you to wear them all day without problems.

    Don't miss these new developments in girdles and underwear and discover how to enhance your figure and feel even more confident and beautiful.

    Tips for choosing the perfect girdle

    Choosing the right girdle is essential to obtain the best results. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    • Know your body type: Every woman is unique, so it is important to know your body type before choosing a shapewear. If you have pronounced curves, you can opt for a shapewear that enhances your shapes. If you have a prominent abdomen, a tummy control girdle can help you achieve a slimmer figure.
    • Consider your lifestyle: Before choosing a shapewear, think about your daily needs. If you lead an active life, it is important to opt for a comfortable and flexible girdle that allows you to move freely. If you are looking for a girdle for special occasions, you can choose a more structured one that will give you a perfect fit.
    • Correct size: It is crucial to select the correct size to ensure that the girdle performs its function correctly. Take appropriate measurements and consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer to choose the size that best suits you.
    • Type of girdle: There are different types of girdles, such as panty girdles, tubular girdles or invisible girdles. Choose the one that best suits your style, needs and preferences. Don't forget to take into account the type of garment you want to use with the girdle, to make sure they are compatible.
    • Quality Materials: Make sure the girdle is made from quality materials that are breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    How to enhance your figure with shapewear

    Shapewear is an excellent option to enhance your figure and look even slimmer and more stylish. These garments are designed with high-quality materials that adapt perfectly to your body, providing the necessary support to enhance your curves in a natural and comfortable way.

    Choose the right belt

    To obtain the best results, it is essential to choose the shapewear that correctly fits your body and your needs. There are different types of shapewear, from high compression ones for a more pronounced effect, to light compression ones for a soft contour. Take into account your body type and the area you want to highlight or conceal.

    Know the control areas

    Shapewear usually has strategically placed control zones to offer maximum effect in the areas you want to highlight or reduce. For example, some girdles have compression bands on the abdomen, waist and hips, while others focus on the bust or buttocks. Be sure to read the product descriptions to identify the specific control areas of each belt.

    Use the correct size

    It is important to choose the right size of shapewear to ensure an optimal fit and maximum comfort. Please refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer and take accurate measurements of your body to ensure you select the correct size. A girdle that is too tight may be uncomfortable, while a girdle that is too loose will not provide the desired results.

    Complement with an appropriate style

    In addition to the shaping function, shapewear can also be elegant and sexy. Find the style of girdle that fits your taste and needs, whether it's a lace girdle for a special occasion or an invisible girdle to wear under your everyday clothes. Explore the options available at Corsetería Singuerlin to find the girdle that makes you feel more confident and attractive.

    • Choose the right girdle for your body type and specific needs.
    • Know the control areas of the belt to obtain better results.
    • Use the correct size of girdle to ensure comfort and effectiveness.
    • Complement your style with a girdle that fits your preferences.

    Discover the power of shapewear and enhance your figure with the options available at Corsetería Singuerlin. Enhance your curves, shape your body and feel confident and beautiful on every occasion. Give your confidence an extra boost with the quality shapewear we offer in our online store!