Underwire bras: Discover comfort and support in Singuerlin corsetry.

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    Underwire bras provide comfort and support for good support. Discover the benefits of the Primadonna brand line, with bralette bras , balconette bras , sleep bras , bridal bras . You can also find new features such as the use of sustainable materials. Know the importance of choosing the correct size and proper maintenance. Also, explore other options such as non-wired bras from the Anita brand, underwired nursing bras , underwired primadona bras , and underwired Rosa faia bras in Singuerlin corsetry.

    Benefits of underwire bras

    Underwire bras are an ideal option for women looking for both comfort and support for their bust. These bras offer key benefits that help enhance a woman's figure in a stylish and elegant way.

    Additional support for women with larger busts

    One of the most notable advantages of plus size underwire bras is the additional support they provide, especially for women with larger busts. Underwire bras provide optimal support, preventing sagging and allowing greater firmness in the chest.

    Defining the shape of the bust for a slim look

    Underwires in bras help define the shape of the bust, creating a more streamlined and attractive appearance. These underwire bras provide a perfect contour, enhancing the breasts in a natural and flattering way.

    Comfort when fitted correctly

    Although there is a misconception that underwire bras are uncomfortable, in reality, when fitted correctly, they provide a high level of comfort. By finding the right size and ensuring the underwires are positioned correctly, you can enjoy maximum comfort all day long, without causing discomfort or chafing.

    Types of underwire bras available on the market

    Comfort and support in a perfect fit in bras

    Underwire bras specially designed to provide optimal comfort and support. These bras have specially designed underwires that adapt to the shape of the bust, providing a perfect fit.

    With the combination of soft and elastic materials, our underwire bras guarantee a comfortable feeling all day long. Plus, they provide extra support, keeping everything in place without sacrificing comfort.

    Lace details and variety of options

    Wide selection of underwire bras with lace details and a variety of cup and size options. This line combines the femininity and elegance of lace with the functionality and necessary support.

    Each bra in this line is carefully designed to enhance the figure and offer comfortable and secure support. Underwire bras provide smooth bust definition, giving you a slim and flattering look.

    Invisible and comfortable support for daily use

    Primadonna underwire bras stand out for their innovative design that combines invisible support with exceptional comfort. These underwire bras are designed to fit
    perfectly, to the body, providing optimal support without sacrificing aesthetics.

    The use of soft and breathable materials guarantees a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin. In addition, the underwires fit discreetly and provide optimal support, even in daily use.

    • The underwire bras from the primadonna line offer comfort and support in a perfect fit.
    • The primadonna line combines lace details with a wide variety of cup and size options.
    • The primadonna line offers invisible and comfortable support ideal for daily use.

    New in underwire bras

    Incorporation of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton

    The lingerie industry is evolving towards more sustainable practices, and underwire bras are no exception. One of the latest developments in this area is the incorporation of sustainable materials, such as organic cotton bras . This type of cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, making it an environmentally and skin-friendly option.

    Benefits of organic cotton in bras

    Organic cotton offers multiple benefits for both users and the environment. Firstly, it is naturally breathable, which helps keep skin cool and dry, even during long periods of use. Plus, since it doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it's much less likely to cause irritation or allergies to sensitive skin.

    Comfort and support with sustainable materials

    The incorporation of organic cotton in non-wired bras does not mean compromising the comfort and support expected from this garment. Innovative designs combine the support provided with the comfort and softness of organic cotton. In this way, women can enjoy a wireless bra that fits their figure comfortably and safely, while contributing to more conscious and responsible consumption.

    Varied and stylish options

    Non-wired bras made from organic cotton are available in a wide range of styles and designs. From basic bras for everyday wear to more elegant models with lace details, there are options to satisfy the tastes and needs of every woman. In addition, the variety of sizes and cups guarantees a perfect fit and a stylish appearance.

    Underwire bra size and maintenance guide

    Importance of proper fit for comfort and support

    To obtain maximum comfort and support from an underwire bra , it is essential to choose the correct size , with our size calculator . A proper fit ensures that the underwires fit correctly around the chest and provide adequate support without causing discomfort.

    To determine your bra size , it is advisable to take measurements using a tape measure. Measure the circumference just below the bust to get the band measurement and then measure the circumference at the fullest part of the bust to get the cup measurement.

    Once you've got your measurements, check out our bra sizing calculator to find the right cup and girth combination that fits your measurements.

    Washing and care tips to extend life

    To keep your underwire bras in good condition for longer , it is important to follow proper washing and care advice.

    First of all, it is advisable to wash your bras by hand to avoid damaging the underwires and prolong their lifespan. If you decide to wash them in the washing machine, use a gentle cycle and place them in a laundry bag to protect them.

    Use cold or warm water and a mild detergent, avoiding the use of bleach or fabric softener, as they can weaken the materials and affect the elasticity of the bra .

    After washing them, avoid twisting them to drain excess water. Instead, gently press with your hands to remove excess moisture and then let them air dry on a flat surface.

    Lastly, to store your underwire bras , be sure to close the hooks and avoid crushing or bending them incorrectly. You can hang them on hooks or fold them gently, placing them in a separate drawer or box to avoid damage.

    Non-wired bras: Comfort and softness for a natural appearance

    Non-wired bras are a perfect option for women looking for comfort and a natural look. These bras are designed to provide soft, light support, without the need for underwires that may be uncomfortable for some people.

    Non-wired bras provide additional softness. Unlike underwire bras , non-wired bras provide softer, more flexible support, adapting naturally to the contours of the body.

    • Exceptional comfort: Wireless bras are designed with soft and flexible materials that adapt to every movement of the body, providing a feeling of comfort all day long.
    • Natural appearance: wireless bras provide a rounded and natural shape to the bust, subtly enhancing its beauty.
    • Lightness: By not having underwires, these wireless bras are lighter and feel less restrictive, allowing greater freedom of movement.
    • Variety of styles: There are different styles of wireless bras to suit each woman's individual preferences. You can find bras with wide straps , with lace or smooth, with different types of closure, among others.

    The wireless bras from Singuerlin corsetry perfectly combine comfort and style, offering a comfortable and flattering alternative for everyday wear. Discover the softness and natural appearance that these bras provide, without giving up the comfort and support you need.

    Underwire bras are garments designed with additional support through underwires built into the cups. They provide a better fit, enhance the shape of the bust and provide optimal support for long-lasting comfort.

    Our underwire bras are meticulously designed to combine fashion and function. With the exceptional quality of Corsetería Singuerlin, you will experience comfort, style and a perfect fit to enhance your figure.

    Use our easy-to-follow size guide to ensure you find the perfect underwire bra for you. Plus, our customer service team is always available to help you with any sizing questions.

    Yes, our underwire bras are designed with comfort in mind and are ideal for everyday wear. They provide exceptional support without sacrificing style, so you feel amazing every day.

    We recommend hand washing your underwire bras and air drying them to maintain their shape and elasticity. Please refer to the care instructions on each garment label for specific details.

    Yes, our wide range of underwire bras adapt to various bust types. From small sizes to plus sizes, you will find the perfect option to elegantly enhance your figure.

    Absolutely! Our advisory team is available to provide you with the best personalized recommendations based on your figure, preferences and measurements. Contact us for specialized assistance.