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    Discover the wide range of Primadonna bras , ideal for large sizes and with high quality in their design and visual reduction . Primadonna 's elegant styles, laces and prints They are irresistible. In addition, the Prima donna Twist line offers fashionable designs and the Primadonna Swim line presents swimwear for plus sizes. Don't miss the comfort and maximum support of Primadonna Sport in sportswear. Choose Singuerlin Corsetry to have quality, style and comfort bras!

    Wide range of Primadonna bras

    Primadonna bras offer a wide variety of options for all tastes and needs. From plus size bras to high-quality minimizing bras and elegant styles, Primadonna has the perfect choice for every woman.

    Primadonna bras for large sizes

    Aware of the diversity of bodies, Primadonna offers bras specially designed for large sizes . These bras provide optimal support and adapt perfectly to the curves of each woman, guaranteeing comfort throughout the day.

    High quality reducing bras

    If you are looking to visually reduce up to two sizes, Primadonna's reducing bras They are the ideal option. Its high quality is reflected in its precise tailoring, ensuring a perfect fit and effective visual reduction, without compromising comfort.

    Elegant Primadonna Styles

    Primadonna not only cares about comfort and functionality, but also style. With a wide variety of elegant designs, laces and fashionable prints, Primadonna bras allow you to look sophisticated and attractive on any occasion.

    Primadonna Twist Line

    Primadonna's Twist line is characterized by offering fashionable designs in bras that adapt to different styles and tastes. These bras combine the comfort and functionality of Primadonna with modern and youthful details, making them a perfect option for women looking for a touch of style in their underwear.

    Fashionable designs in Primadonna bras

    In Primadonna 's Twist line you will find a wide variety of fashionable designs that adapt to different preferences and occasions. From bold prints to elegant lace , these bras will let you feel fashionable and confident at any time.

    Eye-catching prints

    • Bras with vibrant and bold floral prints that add a touch of joy and youth to your look.
    • Geometric and abstract prints that provide a modern and avant-garde style.
    • Animal prints, such as leopard or zebra, that allow you to show off a wild and daring look.

    elegant lace

    • Bras with delicate lace that add a touch of romanticism and sophistication to your outfit.
    • Lace with floral or geometric designs that add a feminine and sensual detail to your underwear.
    • Combinations of lace and transparencies that create a seductive and striking effect.

    With Primadonna's Twist line, you can find the perfect bra that suits your personal style and makes you feel confident, comfortable and fashionable on any occasion.

    Primadonna Swim: Swimwear for plus sizes

    Primadonna Swim presents a wide selection of swimwear specially designed for plus size women. If you are looking for comfort, style and confidence at the beach or pool, Primadonna Swim swimsuits and bikinis are the perfect choice.

    The Primadonna Swim line stands out for offering a wide variety of elegant designs and styles that adapt to different tastes and preferences. From bold prints to understated solid colors, you'll find options to look spectacular on any occasion.

    One of Primadonna Swim 's strengths is its focus on providing a perfect, comfortable fit for women with cups up to a size J. Primadonna Swim bras are carefully crafted to provide optimal support and flatter the figure, while at the same time They allow you to enjoy total freedom of movement.

    The high-quality materials used in the manufacture of Primadonna Swim swimsuits and bikinis guarantee durability and resistance, so you can enjoy your favorite swimwear for many seasons.

    Additionally, Primadonna Swim also pays attention to the details and offers custom fit options, such as adjustable straps and adjustable back closures, so you can tailor your swimsuit to your specific needs.

    If you are looking for a swimsuit that makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful, look no further. Primadonna Swim has everything you need to look spectacular at the beach or pool, without compromising quality or style.

    Primadonna Sport: Sportswear with maximum support

    Primadonna Sport is Primadonna 's line dedicated to offering bras specifically designed to provide maximum support during any physical activity. These sports bras are ideal for women looking for comfort and chest protection while playing sports.

    Primadonna Sport bras are characterized by their high-quality construction and ergonomic design. They are made with technical fabrics that ensure breathability and sweat absorption, keeping the skin dry and cool during exercise.

    One of the main advantages of Primadonna Sport bras is their ability to provide maximum support without sacrificing comfort. Thanks to their unique design and adjustable elastic bands, these bras ensure that the chest is always protected and adequately supported, avoiding uncomfortable and painful movements during sports practice.

    Whether you practice running, yoga, pilates or other high-intensity sports, Primadonna Sport bras will offer you the support and security you need. Its modern and stylish design ensures that you can look stylish while staying active and fit.

    • High quality construction to ensure support and durability.
    • Technical fabrics that allow breathability and sweat absorption.
    • Ergonomic design that adapts to the shape of the body.
    • Adjustable elastic bands for a custom fit.
    • Variety of styles and colors to choose from, always maintaining style and fashion in your sports options.

    Precise cup construction in Primadonna bras

    The Primadonna brand stands out for its care and precision in the construction of its bra cups . Their focus on providing optimal support and impeccable visual cleanliness is evident in each garment. Each cup is divided into three pieces strategically designed to offer maximum support and enhance a woman's figure.

    The precise construction of the cups of Primadonna bras is key to ensuring unparalleled comfort. Each piece adapts ergonomically to the natural shape of the chest , ensuring a perfect fit and a feeling of well-being throughout the day. In addition, high quality materials are used that provide softness in contact with the skin, avoiding irritation or uncomfortable rubbing.

    The design of Primadonna glasses also seeks to offer an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. The shape and cut of the cups are carefully studied to enhance the female figure and create a flattering neckline. Plus, details like lace, embroidery and subtle decorations add a touch of glamor to each Primadonna bra.

    The precise construction of the cups of Primadonna bras not only focuses on aesthetic aspects, but also on functionality. Each cup is designed to provide adequate support, ensuring that the breast is protected and supported during any physical activity. Whether playing sports or performing daily tasks, Primadonna bras offer optimal support without compromising comfort.