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Tricks and tips for perfect measurement

    • Wearing the correct size is essential for your comfort.
    • If the size is not correct, it is very possible to feel uncomfortable; in the case of hoops, they can be annoying because they are not the right size.
    • We will easily show you how you can measure yourself and know the correct size

Step 1: Measure your underbust circumference

measure contour

  • Place the measuring tape directly under your chest. Make sure that it passes horizontally across the bust and is at the same height under the chest and on the back. Let your arms hang next to your body and breathe normally.
  • Slightly tighten the tape measure and round the measured figure to the nearest higher or lower figure. (Example: if the measurement is 88,89,91 or 92cm, your EUROPEAN size will be the 90 circumference and below we will make the relationship with the corresponding cup.
  • We attach the table of contour measurements:

Step 2: Measure your chest circumference.

measure chest cup

  1. Place the tape measure horizontally around the most prominent part of your breast, usually at the level of your nipples. Re-ensure the horizontal position of the tape measure in front and behind, as well as maintaining an upright posture.
  2. The cup is calculated from the difference between the CM of the underbust contour in the previous table and the CM of the chest that we will find out in the following table.
  3. Example: If the underbust circumference measures 90cm and the chest cm is 107, we make the subtraction 90-107= 17cm , the cup will be C. Your EUROPEAN size would be 90C, the French/Spanish size would be 105C, and the US/GB 40C.