SAFINA figure-reducing bodysuit without underwire with wide straps

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Body shaper shape reducer without underwire and wide relief straps. Made with completely smooth fabric so as not to mark the body, the abdomen area has a double lining for greater support and to further stylize the silhouette. The cups divided into three pieces perfectly gather and support the chest. The clean side piece gathers from the armpit area, bringing the chest forward, stylizing the figure. The central part of the cups lifts, shapes and holds, while the upper one, with a semi-transparent tulle and finished with a piece of the same fabric as the rest of the body, wraps and gathers, leaving a beautiful neckline. The wide padded relief straps don't dig in and distribute the weight of the chest to avoid burdening the shoulders. Its high back helps to provide greater support, in addition to picking up the upper part of the back. In the crotch it has a closure with three hooks and a piece of 100% cotton as a panties.

Colors: Crystal and Beige.

From cup B to D.


* Transparent embroidery with opaque lining in the nipple area.


* The division of the cup into three parts offers a beautiful shape of the chest.


* Dimmable

* Slimline nickel-free regulators.

* In large sizes, wider straps.


* Softly padded relief straps

* Abdominal area reinforced with a tulle waistband

* Closing hooks in the crotch adjustable in two positions.

* To facilitate the opening of the bodysuit, the hook-and-eye closure at the crotch is located towards the front.


Wash at 30° in a program for delicate garments

do not bleach

Do not use dryer

Do not iron

Do not dry clean


60% Polyamide

15% Elastane

10% Polyester

10% Cotton

5% Viscose

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