How to calculate bra size?

Have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect bra size?

At some point you may have felt discomfort, such as uncomfortable underwires or straps that leave marks on your shoulders. Calculating your bra size is essential to enjoy the comfort you need.

How to calculate bra size accurately?

The first step is to take your measurements correctly. Place the tape measure around your body, right where the chest ends, and take the measurement in the small indentation that forms at the beginning of the rib. Make sure the tape is straight, not too tight or too loose. The second measurement is taken at the height of your nipples, wearing an unpadded bra to obtain an accurate measurement. With our size calculator you can have your ideal size

Once you have your measurements, how do you determine the right bra size?

You can use our practical size calculator. Enter your measurements in centimeters and click CALCULATE. If you don't get a result, don't worry; This does not mean that there is not an ideal size for you.

Another useful tool is our bra size guide. Find the range that includes your girth measurements in the left column to find your girth size (85, 90, 115, etc.). Then, look in that row to the right for the range that covers your chest measurement to determine your cup UP (K).

Don't let discomfort ruin your bra experience. With our calculation tools and size guide , finding the perfect size will be easier than ever. Discover the ideal comfort and fit for you!